Tips on Home Mold Removal


Unless you take appropriate measures, mold in your home may not go away anytime soon. Mold can present a health threat to your family members and therefore, you need to look for ways of removing it before the mold invasion gets out of hand. Mold removal can be complicated, but with a few tips, you can do it yourself if it is not severe.

You must understand that it is a risky undertaking to remove mold from your home by yourself and you need to have protective measures in place. Ensure that you avoid any body contact with the mold as it can adversely affect you. For example, goggles will protect your eyes as the spores can accidentally get into the eyes. A dust mask will filter the air that you breathe in to shield any spores that could enter your respiratory system. You cannot forget to put on gloves to keep your hands safe, and you do not touch the mold with your hands. As a precaution, you need to moisten the mold infested area so that the spores to do not float in the air.  Know more about Water Damage Remediation Van Nuys.

When the spores find a conducive environment, they can grow and spread to damage the surfaces. However, it is not hectic to remove mold on smooth surfaces such as floors, walls, tiles, counter tops and metallic surfaces and the procedure involves scrubbing and brushing the area using a detergent solution. After the removal, if the surface is stained, you can use a bleach solution to clean it up. Be cautious in the process because when bleach mixes with ammonia, there is the emission of a toxic gas.

It is a different story line when dealing with mold on porous surfaces or materials like drywalls or a heavy carpet. In some cases, you may opt to replace the material because the mold removal process would be cumbersome. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from a professional Mold Removal Van Nuys service that understands the procedure of removing mold on such materials. In the meantime, you can separate the items that have been affected from the ones that are free from infestation to reduce the chances of spreading. You must ensure that you do the removal process thoroughly and importantly, you must see that the mold is removed from its roots to prevent future growth.

Mold can cause health complications to your family whenever the removal process is not done as required. Disinfecting the surface after removal is crucial to kill any germs left. After disinfection, you can be sure that your family is safe. As you do the disinfection, make sure that all doors and windows are open to allow for sufficient air circulation. Always ensure that all surfaces are dry to discourage thriving of mold.